NEW Wellness and Advice Area

TBTC’19 will feature a new Wellness and Advice Area.The aim is to have companies in this area that are experts in their area to offer advice on travel related issues.

This will be a relaxed area where delegates can drop into or if they prefer book individual one to one appointments direct with the companies.  We will also be running some short 15 minute 'Group Huddles' in this area during TBTC delegates can attend.  See the main TBTC programme for more details.

Featured so far:

Naomi Jones, Registered Nutritional TherapistShizen Nutrition & Wellbeing

After 20 years working in the travel industry in commercial roles, I am a nutritional therapist, and mother, who understands how difficult it is to maintain healthy eating, hydration, optimum sleep, consistent exercise and self-care, when you are busy juggling a busy job, that might involve frequent travel, shift-work, lack of routine, long hours or tight deadlines, as well as demanding customers.

My mission is to help clients to improve their health and wellbeing to manage their busy, high-demand lives, through easily-implementable food and lifestyle advice, focusing firstly on boosting their energy and vitality, and improving resilience during regular travel to maintain productivity.

Working 1:1 with clients, I use a functional-medicine based approach to get to root causes of chronic health symptoms. I also offer talks, workshops and group programmes.

A few tips for getting the most from TBTC:

1) Sleep – Obvious really, but it is the quality, not just the duration that is important. Use a Bluelight Filter app on gadgets after 6pm, and avoid all screens 1-2 hours before bed to reduce impact on sleep quality.

2) Hydration – Carry a stainless-steel water bottle and refill regularly. Swap to herbal teas, instead of standard tea or coffee. Try green tea, which has some caffeine for alertness, but also L-theanine to aid a feeling of calm on a busy day.

3) Oily Fish
– SMASH (salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines and herring) or flaxseeds for vegetarians - Omega 3 is supportive of brain function, so eat plenty prior to, and during conferences.

4) Nuts instead of biscuits/cakes for snacks
– minimise short-term energy boosts from sugary snacks (tempting though they can be!), and instead carry walnuts & almonds, to keep your energy going and maintain more balance.

Download of 3 day food diary form
– this needs to be completed pre-TBTC and emailed to ready to chat with at the event. / M: 07886689693 / Facebook: Shizen Nutrition & Wellbeing / Instagram: naomi_shizennutrition / Twitter: @ShizenNutrition

Silvia Vizzoni, FounderTrip Unwind

With a career spanning over 20 years in the travel industry, I can admit that dreadful jetlags, changes in diet, crammed airplane seats, stress at work and many other inconveniences surely affected my physical and mental wellbeing to the point of fatigue and burnout.

Yet in 2011, everything changed the moment I enrolled to my first MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course as I learned with mindfulness to truly connect with myself, and deal with my stress and fatigue in a completely different and positive way. Some 8 years on, I have now totally embraced mindfulness in my daily life, I am member of the Centre for Mindful Living, a certified Awareness Coach and I am on my training pathway to become an MBSR course facilitator and Mindfulness Teacher.

My goal is to help all people who like me, especially in the travel industry and the corporate world, are looking to improve their energy levels, become more resilient, present and overall happier.

Trip Unwind is my vision and project to bring mindfulness to the travel industry and to all people involved in it.

By working with our mind and practice mindfulness, it has been proven that not only we can develop these amazing capacities, but we can also increase our level of empathy as well as reduce the amount of stress.

From weekly meditation group practices to all day workshops and 8 week Mindfulness courses, TripUnwind has designed services which help leaders and employees within the travel industry to build resilience and live a more balanced life.

I am happy to be contacted so delegates can book one to one sessions if they wish and learn more about Mindfulness and Meditation. / M: 07506012835 / Facebook: Tripunwind / Instagram: tripunwind / Twitter: @TripUnwind1

Erica Toase, Operations ManagerMaidenVoyage

Maiden Voyage are the leading experts in diverse traveller safety. We help organisations to navigate the gender agenda in the business travel duty of care space.  If you’re looking to educate and support your female and LGBTQ+ travellers, Maiden Voyage provides a range of online and offline training solutions and connectivity platforms, a global support community and assistance with your diverse traveller policies.

Erica is the Operations Manager of Maiden Voyage.  Maiden Voyage is recognised as one of the world leaders in diverse traveller safety, helping organisations to safeguard their female and LGBTQ+ travellers.  Erica works with companies to understand their needs and pressures and works with them right through to delivering solutions for them and their travellers, including workshops and classroom training to blue chip companies, globally. / Facebook: Maidenvoyagedotcom / Twitter: @Maiden_voyage